Sunday, July 29, 2012

My last shift in retail hell was yesterday. Thank the lord. I was not cut out for it. I am just so thankful the full time job came to be when it did.
 I tried quiting the group home also, not because I wanted to but because I thought it would be too hard to juggle two schedules, but my boss did not let me. He told me to get him my schedules for my new job in advance and he would book me in for as many of my Wednesday shifts as I was available for and then fill the others. That job is seriously the best ever and I am SO super glad I don't have to leave!!!

With all the spare time of only working one(and a half) jobs that is coming my way, I have decided I am going to volunteer at the local Humane Society. It will hopefully fill the void of all the homeless animals I want to, but can't adopt. I watch way too much Animal Planet and the homeless animal situation breaks my heart. I am already over the legal limit of animals for my condo, so volunteering is going to be a good way to give some love to those babies, without actually bringing anymore home.

Isn't my niece just the cutest thing on this planet.

This morning I had a craving for a poached egg. My dad used to make them all the time when I lived at home, but I have never actually made one for myself. As you can from the picture below.... I am a poached egg natural!

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