Saturday, September 8, 2012

My life lately.. instagram styles.

Nico fast asleep

A beautiful summer afternoon in my parents backyard.

Finn and my parents dog Stella having an afternoon nap.

Wine and The Lucky One. I sure do have a crush on Zac Efron after this movie and would really love for Nicholas Sparks to write me a leading man.

Birthday present from my friend Steph.

Hanging out and making masterpieces with my niece.

I haven't read a Nylon magazine in years. It was the TV issue so I picked it up.


  1. oh my goodness girl. i love those feather earrings. so amazing. i wanted to let you know i tried to reply back to your comment on my bangs a week or so ago and the email failed. im assumed you changed your address, but i thought id stop by just in case =)

    1. I know aren't they great :)I can't wait to wear them!!!
      Thanks for stopping by !


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