Saturday, September 29, 2012


Reading:  Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I have not been reading much lately, when I do pick up this book though I love it.
Watching: SOA Season 2. Man this show is great! I am also really enjoying so much Fall TV so far. I just LOVED The Mindy Project. 
Listening to: The Lumineers and The Gaslight Anthem. On repeat. Always looking for new music to check out. Let me know if you know of any awesome bands for me to check out.
Thinking about:  How tired I am today and how old I am getting. I can't do beers and late nights like I could when  was younger. I had an awesome night though and it is well worth feeling exhausted today. It was so great seeing all my girls from my teen years. It does not happen often enough.
Loving:  Cool fall mornings.
Looking forward to:  Thanksgiving next weekend. Tofurky.... mmmmmm! 
Making me happy: My BFF is finally moving closer to me next weekend! Still a little far away, but a much better distance for more hangouts :)


  1. I forgot to bring my kindle home from work this weekend :( It was the perfect rainy Sunday to read yesterday. Wild is on my list to read. Sounds really good. Cool Fall mornings are the best. We are finally getting some cooler weather. I wore knee socks + rain boots to work today! ♥Lindsay

  2. I loved Wild! Great read. Really makes me want to get lost in the wilderness! I randomly came across your blog while searching for barkbox reviews. Cheers!


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