Saturday, October 6, 2012

a list of awesome

. tofurky tonight to celebrate canadian thanksgiving!
. my best friend finally is in my area :)
. cute ems guy and i shared a very nice smile exchange yesterday...if only i knew his name.
.cool mornings have FINALLY arrived.
.finn had a great check up this week. the vet was impressed with his muscles. i can't believe he has almost doubled in weight since i adopted him almost 2 years ago.
.rebel wilson being crazy funny. i hope i get to go and see pitch perfect monday :) here is a clip of her on ellen this week.

.linking up with totally awesome bloghop today. link with the button below :)
Chantillysongs Blog hop

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  1. yay! thank you for the shoutout. hope your enjoying a wonderful night tonight :) xx


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