Monday, November 19, 2012

weekend update

I was lucky and got to enjoy a long weekend this week. It was so great, except now I am sick.
Friday the weather was perfect so Finn and I headed out for a long walk.

On Saturday I left Finn for a couple of hours to go hangout with other dogs at the local Humane Society. Since I can only have one small dog living in my condo, this gets in my dog love fix and prevents me from being on animal hoarders. There were three dogs to walk. Of course I fell in love with them all and wanted to bring them all home but I was strong. I have been going every two weeks and I have never walked the same dog twice. They all get their forever home super fast which is totally amazing!

Yesterday morning I went to Winter Woofstock with my parents and Finn. I debated on if I should bring Finn along because he can be a jerk with other dogs when he is on his leash. He surprised me big time and was a total angel. He met all other dogs and people with no issues at all. I think he was so overwhelmed he could not put on his tough guy act.

It was a great day, Finn had a good time. There was not nearly as many vendors as at the big Woofstock that takes place in the summer but I still managed to pick Finn up a new collar and new antler.

Here he is totally exhausted after his busy day, sleeping on his new this&that antler! He has yet to chew it much. He just sniffs it and cuddles it... he is a bit of an odd guy.

Don't you just love his new collar!! It is made by The Hydrant who make handmade, beautiful collars. They are bright and fun and really well made. I don't think Finn will ever wear anything but these collars from now on! She even makes martingale collars which is totally rad!

And just so he doesn't feel left out.. here is Nico being a weirdo like always hanging out in the bath tub. He is one strange dude.

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