Monday, November 12, 2012

Reasons why I wish not to be single(not all are what you may think!)

Being a single lady most of my life, and living alone for the past two years, I seem to have being alone with myself down pat. I am not someone who needs a partner(or anyone) to feel complete....although it would be nice to have someone around sometimes.

I would love to have a partner so that :

*I could come home after working 12 hours shifts and have a (healthy) meal ready. Now I just eat crap at 9pm.

*There would be someone else to empty the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, or run a quick vacuum. I seem to live in mess on my stretches to work. Coming home to a tidy condo is so nice.

*Once in a blue moon there would be someone else to wake up early and take Finn out for his morning business and walk. I love doing this, but it would be nice every so often to be able to sleep in.

*Maybe I could talk my sweetness into blow drying my hair once in a while... this is a task I hate.

*I would have someone to go to concerts,movies and shows with. Most of my friends are engaged or have a family and there priorities seem to be different these days.

*Good conversation... I would love to chat about news or life over my morning coffee.

*And lets be honest, the cuddles would be nice too.


  1. I've always been the opposite so I think it's awesome that you are so independent! They are nice for those things you mentioned :) I've never had mine blow dry my hair before though, haha. Maybe I should. ♥Lindsay

    1. I have never had mine done either except by the hairdresser but it is my dream to have a significant other do it for me :)


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